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How to Stay Safe When Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be a really fulfilling experience that you’ll never forget, but staying safe is an absolute priority. Solo travellers can often be targeted due to vulnerability, so it’s important that you know exactly what steps to take to protect yourself and your belongings from harm. Travelling on your own really is an amazing experience, and it’s not difficult to make sure that you stay out of harms way by following all the right precautions and being on alert. If you’re planning your first solo trip, here are some tips to help keep you safe so that you can enjoy your journey.

Follow Basic Safety Precautions

We all know the basic precautions for keeping ourselves safe, and it’s no different when you’re travelling abroad. It’s important to research the areas which you’re travelling to including crime rates, stick to well-lit, public areas, and don’t get into unregistered taxis or any suspicious looking vehicles. Don’t flash your valuables such as jewellery or your smartphone, and beware of any local pickpocketing schemes. It might be a good idea to learn some basic self-defence skills before you leave so that you can feel more confident about protecting yourself if you need to.

Keep Your Luggage Safe

As well as keeping your luggage and belongings safe from thieves, it’s good to make sure that it’s protected from any bumps or smashes as well. Investing in a good suitcase is essential if you’re planning to travel a lot, as it’ll last you longer and be less susceptible to damage. You can buy good suitcases which come with a lifetime warranty meaning that it’s a worthwhile investment that will last you for life. If possible, buy a suitcase which comes with a locking system or buy separate TSA-approved luggage locks to secure your existing cases.

Make Friends

Standing out too much can make you an instant target to pickpockets and other criminals up to no good. Making friends is also a major factor of travelling alone, and many solo travellers have met lifelong friends whilst on their travels. If you’re staying at a bed and breakfast or a hostel, there’s likely to be other solo travellers there who you can team up with. Making friends with the locals and blending in can not only help you to learn more about the culture and language of the place you’re visiting, you’ll also stand out less and be less susceptible to harm.

Have Back Up

Although some of us might like to just jet off and tell nobody to get some peace and quiet, it’s not the best idea when it comes to staying safe. Make sure that a trusted family member or friend has your itinerary, and contact them frequently to update them on your progress and whereabouts. Staying in touch with family and friends back home can help to alert authorities if anything were to happen to you.

Don’t let the potential risks of travelling alone put you off! Learning how to protect yourself can help make sure you have an amazing experience.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Valuables When You Travel Abroad

Many people are blissfully unaware of scams and dangers which are present while they’re on vacation in another country. It’s important to avoid becoming the latest victim. This is particularly true if you are visiting a country or destination you’re unfamiliar with. In many places, tourists stand out from the crowd and are easy prey for local thieves, pickpockets and other criminals. However, taking the following precautions will protect you and your valuables while you’re travelling abroad.

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Make Sure Luggage Is Safe and Secure

When you’re travelling make sure you keep all luggage and clothing items such as jackets and coats in clear sight. It only takes a split second for an opportunist thief to steal these types of items. There are times when you won’t be able to keep an eye on your luggage, especially when you board your flight and have to wait for your luggage when you get to your destination. Everyday items are stolen from suitcases and other luggage. To avoid this, invest in secure luggage locks. These specially designed locks prevent luggage from being opened by people while you travel and when you reach your destination.

Beware of People Who Are Too Friendly

In many countries you’re bound to meet friendly people who want to welcome you to their country. However, some people can become too friendly and have other motives for giving you a warm welcome. Most people on vacation let their guard down and are sometimes too relaxed. This is the time that many criminals seize their opportunity and try to relieve you of your valuables. Always be wary of people who go out of their way to help you. Examples include people who want to help you with your luggage, offer to take photos with your camera or give you directions to places you had not intended going to. This does not mean you have to be paranoid about every friendly face you meet but you should have your wits about you at the same time.

Separate Cash and Valuables

As the saying goes ‘don’t put all your eggs into one basket’. Keep your cash and valuables in a few different safe locations. If the worst happens and someone attempts to rob you, they may get something for their efforts but they won’t get everything. Cash is important to hide, but keeping vital items such as passports, visas or bank cards hidden is even more important and these should be kept in the safest places throughout your vacation.

Get Local Knowledge Before You Go

Preparing properly for a trip is important, especially if you’re visiting a destination you’re not familiar with. It’s never been easier to research travel destinations all around the world. However, many people still don’t prepare properly and pay the price later. If you know people in the country ask them for advice about safe places to visit, local customs, what to look out for and other vital information that will prevent problems when you arrive. Also ask people who have travelled to the destination about their experiences there.

When you travel abroad the most important thing is to stay safe and keep your valuables safe. The tips above will help you achieve this so that you have an enjoyable and memorable trip away.

Good reputation for Sangrur


Found in the Indian state of Punjab, Sangrur known everywhere in the province. To get precise, the particular town is located at the intersection from the prolonged highways that will link Chandigarh together with Bathinda and also Jalandhar with Rewari. Patiala (yet another capital of scotland – Punjab) can be Fifty eight kilometer via Sangrur. Today, let us return in time and examine a brief history regarding Sangrur.

Antarctica Cruise trips: Selecting

Antarctica Cruise

You would like to go Antarctica, nevertheless rapidly recognize that overnight accommodations and facilities are limited. The truth is, your main selection apart from becoming a member of an agreement at a scientific disciplines train station, is to book the Antarctica trip or cruise trip. Above 30,000 people visit Antarctica every year, and there are greater than Something like 20 cruise companies working some type of Antarctic cruise on both small and big ships- as well as a handful of involving! This is a synopsis regarding how to select the right Antarctica cruise trip specifically for you.

2015 Travel Industry Awards Name Thai Airways ‘Best South-East Asian Airline’

Thailand’s national flag carrier Thai Airways International was named ‘Best South-East Asian Airline’ at the 2015 TTG Travel Awards held in Bangkok on 1 October 2015.

The annual awards honour organizations and individuals in the Asia-Pacific travel industry for their achievements and contributions across four categories – Travel Supplier, Travel Agency, Outstanding Achievement and Travel Hall of Fame.

The Best South-East Asian Airline award comes under the Travel Supplier category which along with the Travel Agency category are the only two categories open for voting by readers of TTG Travel Trade Publishing’s print and online titles.

It was the latest in a series of international accolades the Thai airline has been awarded this year.

Smart Travel Asia magazine recently recognized Thai Airways International in its Best in Travel Poll awards with Third Best Cabin Service, Fifth Best Business Class and Sixth Best Airline Overall Worldwide. The awards’ voting was based on travel experiences, word-of-mouth and brand conceptualization determined from advertisements and public relations.

Thai Airways International also received the ‘Best International Airline of the Year 2015’ Award at the Today’s Traveller 9th Annual Awards ceremony at the Taj Palace in New Delhi, India. The awards were granted based on excellence in the categories of Best Luxury Hotel, Best Travel Agency, Best Inflight Service and Best International Airline of the Year.

Earlier in 2015 the Thai airline was given an impressive 9.5 out of 10 score for its Economy class on the 787 Dreamliner by site and editorial manager Sharon Petersen who flew a six-and-a-half hour overnight trip from Bangkok to Perth.

Another international accolade for Thai Airways International’s service came in the form of second best ranking for ‘Best Airline Asia’ from leading Asia travel marketing organization Go Asia. The award was earned for efforts and positive impact in travel and tourism growth in Asia.

The Skytrax World Airline Awards 2015 recognized the excellence of Thai Airways International’s Royal Orchid Spa at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the airline’s global hub, in placing the spa first in the ‘World’s Best Airline Lounges Spa Facility’.

Recognized as a global benchmark of airline excellence, the Skytrax World Airline Awards is based on the results of a passenger satisfaction survey conducted among 245 airlines and more than 18.89 million people around the world.

Open to THAI Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class passengers, the Royal Orchid Spa’s facilities include a 32-seat Lounge Area and the serving of snacks and drinks, while the First Class Zone has three Touch of Silk Suites, six Neck & Shoulder or Relaxing Foot Massage Corners, two Steam Rooms, two Sauna Rooms and four Shower Rooms. The Silk Class Zone has eight Neck & Shoulder or Relaxing Foot Massage Corners. On the treatment menu are the Touch of Silk Full Body Oil Massage, Royal Thai Body Massage, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Foot Massage.

Passengers can enjoy a range of spa services and treatments, just the thing ahead of a longhaul Thai Airways flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok, for example, or a flight from Bangkok to London or to any other destination on the carrier’s global network.

A founding member of the Star Alliance network, Thai Airways International flies to more than 60 destinations around the world from its headquarters in Bangkok. Together with subsidiary THAI Smile, THAI operates to 10 domestic points around Thailand.