Experience the Beautiful China in American

With the activity of “Experience Day of the Beautiful China” being lanuched in American, Chinese virtual reality technology takes a significant step towards the world. Virtual tourism has become a new window of displaying Chinese rich tourism resources and long history of culture for world.

Supported by State Council Information Office and National Tourism Administration, The China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) recently hold an large outdoor promotion event “Experience Day of the Beautiful China” at Thomson Reuters headquarters in New York City’s Times Square on Sept. 14, 2015, which is the first time to demonstrate Chinese tourism resource and introduce Chinese culture through virtual reality technology.

The U.S unveiling at the Thomson Reuters building was part of a larger “Experience Day of Beautiful China” global tour initiative. The event featured an assortment of venerable speakers including Zhang Meifang, deputy consul-general for the Chinese Consulate in New York, Jing Shuiqing, vice president of CICC, and Peter Zhang, president of the Sino-American Friendship Association.

“Beautiful China” took place at Thomson Reuters’ headquarters in New York City’s Times Square on Sept. 14, 2015

This activity has invited near hundreds of medias to attend and interview, as well as experience 3D wearable devices on site. There is also a roundtable forum during the activity, which promotes Chinese tourism culture landing in American.

“Experience Day of the Beautiful China” tries to be innovating in its publicity work using 3D technology as well as wearable devices. It’s the first in the world to introduce this technology to the field of cultural dissemination, all the while making use of new media and new technologies to promote China’s tourism offerings. This innovation has gone beyond traditional means of publicity such as text and video, and allows Beautiful China to expand its reach from on-line coverage to that of leading technology such as wearables, thus becoming part of a brand-new mode of international communication.

Demonstration of 3D Beautiful China

As a branding activity of Beautiful China, “Experience Day of the Beautiful China” will build a global touring mechanism. It will hit the heart of Times Square New York as a starting point to promote China’s tourism to the world and help popularize Chinese culture.

Participants of “Experience Day of the Beautiful China” feel inconceivable about the immersive experience of VR travel after they wear 3Glasses helmets. “Honestly speaking, I even have no choice to walk around Chinese all 34 provinces, let alone foreign friends.” Zhang Meifang firsthand experienced VR device and she expressed, “The breakthrough experiment of ‘Beautiful China’ in the new media communication field allows more people to feel Chinese beautiful scene through game experience, and approach China, find China, and then experience China, understand China.”

Deputy Consul-General Zhang Meifang and chief inspector of Reuters President William Riordan experience 3D device

“Experience Day of the Beautiful China” also came to one of Ivy League schools – Yale University to hold public open experience On Sep 15, which allows students of American top colleges to come into China via VR experience. Many students show great interests in this activity. “ The wearable device is very interesting, the scenery in which is very beautiful with spaciousness. I feel be personally on the scene.” Eza of philosophy said, “The kind of device is very ture and fit for those friends that have not been in China. I have traveled to China several years ago, and Leshan Buddha reminds of my memory.”

 Yale University students experience 3D beautiful China. They are all very happy and interested in this experience form.

“American travel enthusiasts have always been attracted to China and the CNTA and CICC have been looking for better ways to let them experience what China has to offer as a tourism destination. The introduction of virtual reality technology will attract more travel enthusiasts select to China for vacations as well as business meetings and incentive travel,” said Jing Shuiqing, vice president of CICC. “If, as the old English adage goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words, the translation of travel promotional content to the 3D landscape represents the greatest leap forward for our industry since the advent of traditional video took us beyond the marketing limitations of still photography,” said Mr. Jing.

During the activity of “Experience Day of the Beautiful China”, the representatives of China State Council Information Office and CICC jointly presented wearable device – 3Glasses VR helmet to Chinese Consulate General in New York.

China State Council Information Office and CICC jointly presented wearable device – 3Glasses VR helmet to Chinese Consulate General in New York


“Through wearable device, users can walk at the virtual scenic spots built by 3D technology to get a real sense of beautiful China. Such activity can help American public get a better understanding of China and further strengthen the culture communication and cooperation between China and American.” said Ms Zhang.

Zhang Meifang and Jing Shuiqing – round-table conference with medias

The headsets will also have a major impact on the trajectory of travel into China as much of the content in development is focused on emerging destinations outside the main tourism zones. “The content will allow prospective travelers to virtually experience off-the-beaten path destinations in China and is expected to bring considerable attention to areas such as scenic Mt. Wuling Great Rift Valley in Chongqing, Wuhan’s temple-lined Mulan Mountain and the more than 200-foot-tall Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the Tang Dynasty,” said Mr. Jing.

During the event of Experience Day of the Beautiful China at Thomson Reuters in the U.S., CICC showcased China’s scenery and culture to the U.S. audience by using interactive 3D virtual reality technology. With this technology, people no longer have to actually “go out” and have a trip, instead, they will see everything they want in an attraction which gives the most authentic sense of that place through the devices. With the success of Experience Day of the Beautiful China in the U.S., CICC will start its next journey to Japan, bringing more beautiful experiences and memories to Japanese audience. The event will be hosted in January at Thomson Reuters Japan.

About the China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC)

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