Reasons Why You Should Visit Denpasar Bali

You are not the only one if you put your preference toward such a place like Legian, Kuta, and some other travel destinations in Bali where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, but Denpasar. As the capital city of Bali, you may think that the place is not worth your staying. The truth is that, you will miss many interesting tourist attractions which are offered by the city, let it alone it offers you proximity to experience another part of Bali. The mixture of modern and traditional values, you are agree that Bali capital city will give you best travel experience you won’t forget.

As the capital city of the province, you have many benefits. Keep this on mind, the city offers you with complete facilities and easy accommodations. Do you think that you will find tall building within the city? That is actually the charm of the island’s capital as you are not. Things that define Balinese like its culture are thick, and by observing the way people who live in there, you will gain at least slight knowledge about the people and its stunning culture. This city, probably is not the best destination for beach vacation despite you feel content with Sanur Beach.

Travelers who appreciate the trace of the past through palaces and temples, set your vacation to the capital city is worth planning. Source the epic stories of the people who live hundreds or thousands years ago by visiting Bali Museum. In there they exhibit various things from different areas in Bali. In short, simply by visiting the museum you will a bit understand about cultures and traditions of places spread around Bali. Here, you can find historical landmark that is known as Puputan Square. Art performances or Bali arts festivals are another things that make this place distinct with other tourist attractions in Bali.

Another great thing about Bali’s capital city is that, this one is a place where you can find many things cheaper than another Bali’s tourist attractions. Don’t expect you miss the chance visiting the city where modern and traditional charms intertwine to each other, these some tips to get there. Fortunately, the city is easy to locate. From the international airport, take a taxi and you can reach the place only in 30 minutes. If you love spending time in certain place with less busy traffic, you won’t be disappointed visiting the city.